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Aperidge Senior Highschool, nestled in the heart of Sinister Shores, isn't your typical school. It's a sprawling institution where chaos reigns supreme,

and rebellion is the name of the game. Divided into distinct cliques, this institution is a breeding ground for the world's most daring and dangerous individuals.

Enter the Black Fangs, the enigmatic goths and emos who shroud themselves in darkness. With cryptic symbols, dramatic makeup, and an aura of mystery, they're the school's resident brooders. Unconventional and masters of the dark arts, they're feared and misunderstood.

Then there are the Blood Dogs, a wild and unruly pack. Academics might not be their strong suit, but they rule with brute force. Intimidation is their currency, and they'll brawl their way to dominance. In Aperidge, they're the unchallenged kings and queens.

But let's not forget the Dirty Apes, the tech geniuses with the power to revolutionize their decaying school. Armed with coding skills and boundless innovation, they're the brains behind the school's transformation. While they might not be physically imposing, they possess intellectual might that could reshape the future.

In this unruly landscape, rules are made to be broken, and students revel in their wild, free-spirited nature. Graffiti lines the walls, lockers are vibrant canvases, and the faculty struggles to maintain order amidst the chaos.

This is where you come in. Step into the shoes of a student and navigate this social battleground. Engage in heart-pounding combat, from epic schoolyard showdowns to explosive hallway brawls. Aperidge Senior Highschool offers an adrenaline-fueled experience, a taste of rebellion and freedom that you won't find anywhere else. Are you ready to wreak havoc and etch your name in this unforgettable high school's history?

Daniel Decker


Title: Halls Of Havoc: Fresh Meat

Release: TBA

Genre: Action Adventure RPG


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